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Duct Access Doors

The Nailor range of duct access doors has been specifically created to allow easy and speedy access to fire dampers, coils, filters, controls and other air conditioning and ventilating equipment mounted inside ductwork.


0800 Series Premium Flat Oval Access Doors

  • Ultra-low leakage design
  • Suitable for use in High, Medium or Low Pressure Systems
  • Standard construction Is galvanized steel
  • Standard mounting for externally Insulated, Internally insulated or
    plain metal ducting; also suitable for duct board systems
  • Simple, progressive, camlock operation
  • 1" thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Choice of five ergonomic sizes
  • Leakage tested to 8" wg. static pressure
  • Available with Plexiglas view port

There are five models in the range, designed to provide varying degrees of access, ranging from 8" x 5" for single hand/sight access, to 25" x 17" which is large enough to permit complete body entry with sufficient space for a ladder.

The liftoff doors are one-piece fabricated from galvanized mild steel, with sealed insulation. The standard flange depth and door thickness is 1".  The door is secured to the frame with two or four rugged, easy to operate cam locks, according to the size of the door, and a special gasket ensures a positive seal. The doors can be used in air conditioning systems working at low, medium and high velocity and pressure.

For safety, every access door can be supplied with a safety chain linking it permanently to the frame. Available in two frame styles with either pre-punched holes along the inner flange or knock over tabs. The outer flange can also be pre-punched for easy, fast installation.


08SCL and 08SH Series SMACNA Square Access Doors

  • Suitable for use in Medium and Low Pressure Systems
  • Meet SMACNA construction specifications
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Available in 20 sizes from 6" x 6" through 24" x 24"
  • 1" insulation
  • Knock-over tabs progressive camlock operation
  • Removable and Hinged model options
  • Safety chain option
  • Fiberglass duct option

Hinged, with Camlock Closure
Removable, Paired Camlocks

These economical quality access doors provide quick, simple installation wherever duct access is required.

0890 Low pressure Access Door for Round Ductwork

  • For 5" through 24" diameter ductwork (7" x 4" through 18" x 16" door)
  • Suitable for low pressure applications
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Hinged design with strike and catch
  • Gasketed

Low Pressure Access Door

0895 High Pressure Turret Access Door

  • Ultra-low leakage
  • For round high pressure ductwork
  • For 6" through 60" diameter ductwork
  • Fully welded saddle/turret
  • Incorporates 0800 series Flat Oval Premium door design

Positive Pressure Access Door

08406 Plenum Access Door

  • Suitable for high, medium or low pressure
  • Hinged design with die-cast closure handles
  • Galvanized steel
  • Optional Plexiglas view port

Plenum Access Door