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Post date: January 21, 2021
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By Matthew Crump PE

Occupant comfort is critical for the building owner’s return on investment.  Chilled Water VAV systems have proven to deliver the highest level of occupant comfort, including thermal and acoustical satisfaction.  Delivering comfort requires the cooperation of several pieces of equipment. When set up and controlled properly occupant satisfaction can be optimized along with the energy consumption.  A major study, ASHRAE RP-1515, proved that optimizing occupant comfort coincides with a more efficient use of energy...

Post date: January 12, 2021
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By: Matthew Crump PE

When designing a commercial HVAC system that will serve a diversity of spaces, selecting a VAV air side system has proven to be the best choice. A mechanical engineer has two goals for their future occupants, deliver optimal comfort at the lowest possible energy usage; in that order.  When compared to other options, the VAV System wins on both fronts.

Comfort equals Profits

Fundamentally, the goal of an office real estate developer is to construct a building who’s financing and operational...