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Post date: June 24, 2021

The purpose of using a Variable Air Volume (VAV) system is to add controllability to a diversity of occupancies using only one air handling unit. A constant volume system is like what you have in your home, either off or on. If you apply a constant volume system to a space with multiple heating/cooling load profiles, someone will not be comfortable at different times of operation. The fundamental parts of a VAV system include:

  • Air handling unit
  • Primary ductwork
  • Terminal unit
  • The ductwork/air distribution...
Post date: June 9, 2021

Every so often, we get a request for the Ak, or area factors, or for the “Free Area” for our air outlets and inlets. For many years, manufacturers published “area factors” for balancing purposes. These Ak factors are determined by measurement of indicated air velocities and measured air quantities and can be used to balance HVAC systems. For a number of reasons, these values, however, are no longer being presented. When we get these requests, the first question we must ask is “What are you going to do with the value”?

The A...