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Control, Balancing & Backdraft Dampers

Nailor offers a comprehensive line of damper products for airflow control in commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Our Wind Tunnel & Damper Testing Laboratory has established the company as an industry leader for testing our products to the latest version of AMCA, UL, ANSI, and other industry standards of performance. 

1020 Low Leakage Control Damper

For use in low to medium velocity and pressure commercial HVAC systems. Galvanized, aluminum, Type 304 stainless steel optional. Variety of electric two position, modulating, and pneumatic factory actuators available.

2020 High Performance Control Dampers

Ultra low leakage high performance dampers designed to meet the highest standards established for commercial control dampers, intended for application in medium to high pressure and velocity systems. Aerodynamic airfoil blades insure the lowest resistance to airflow. Meets IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) requirements for a leakage rating of 3 cfm/ft² @ 1 in. wg or less.

Cost effective, ruggedly built dampers designed to regulate the flow of air in an HVAC system. They are not intended to be used in applications as a positive shut off or for automatic control. Both round and rectangular single blade construction, as well as multi-blade construction models are available.

Gravity operated backdraft dampers are for use in light, medium, and heavy duty commercial or light duty industrial HVAC applications. Designed to allow airflow in one direction and prevent reverse airflow.

Standard and high performance counterbalanced backdraft dampers designed to automatically prevent the backflow of air while allowing for automatic air intake or exhaust/pressure relief.