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Stamped Square Diffusers

Nailor RNS, RNSA, and TWR Series Square Diffusers provide extremely efficient performance. These diffusers deliver supply air in a true 360° air pattern, making them a popular choice for most general applications.

Nailor RNS Series Square Ceiling Diffusers have a fixed pattern and are designed to provide an extremely cost effective solution. They deliver both the unobtrusive appearance required for architectural excellence and the 360° air pattern at minimum NC levels required for high performance requirements. Aluminum Model ARNS and 2 or 3 cone models available.

Nailor RNSA Series Adjustable Square Ceiling Air Diffusers include adjustable pattern controllers to provide either a horizontal or vertical air pattern for heating and cooling applications and delivers supply air in a true 360° radial horizontal air pattern. Aluminum Model ARNSA also available.

Model TWR "Twister " Diffusers are engineered to optimize air distribution effectiveness. It has a high induction, 360° swirl pattern for a superior coanda effect.