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Linear Louver Diffusers

Model Series 48LL

  • 48LL2

Nailor 48LL Series Linear Louver (Vane) Diffusers are designed to provide a high capacity, architecturally pleasing linear diffuser that can supply large volumes of air at relatively low sound leve

ls and pressure drops. High quality, extruded aluminum angular discharge louvers are designed to create a stable horizontal air pattern that is tight to the ceiling. Ideal for applications in VAV systems, these diffusers create a strong ceiling coanda effect at typical maximum and minimum flowrates and ensure optimal comfort conditions.


48LL1 - One-way Pattern
48LL1-O - One-way Pattern • with Steel OBD
48LL1-OA - One-way Pattern • with Aluminum OBD
48LL2 - Two-way Pattern
48LL2-O - Two-way Pattern • with Steel OBD
48LL2-OA - Two-way Pattern • with Aluminum OBD
48MC1 - Mitered Corner • One-way Pattern
48MC2 - Mitered Corner • Two-way Pattern
48BO - Blank-off


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