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Fan Filter Units

Model Series 92FFD

  • 92FFD
  • 92FFU-RF-RS
  • 92FFUM-RF-SS

Nailor 92FFD Series Fan Filter Diffusers consist of a unitary, welded stainless steel plenum, a removable perforated grille face, pressure independent EC motor and forward curved centrifugal blower

. The fan/motor assembly is designed to supply HEPA/ULPA filtered air to a clean room environment and can be used in many applications such as microelectronics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology as well as aerospace manufacturing/assembly and laser/optics industries. Each unit is built to IEST RP Standards and factory leak tested and serialized (HEPA filter only) with a PAO aerosol. Available in stainless steel or aluminum construction.


92FFD-SS - Fan Filter Diffusers • Stainless Steel
92FFD - Fan Filter Diffuser •Aluminum Frame and Face • Stainless Steel Plenum
92FFDM-SS - Recirculation Fan Filter Mobile Unit • Stainless Steel
92FFU-RF-SS - Reverse Flow • Ceiling Mount • Stainless Steel
92FFUM-RF-SS - Reverse Flow • Mobile Unit • Stainless Steel



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