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Flush Face

Model Series 92FRP

This diffuser provides an air pattern very similar to the standard model but incorporates a unique 'Flush Face' appearance.

Specially designed internal baffles and a pressure plate produce an excellent radial air pattern that allows large volumes of air to be supplied at low velocities. Available in either a 180° or 90° radial flow pattern.


92FRP-1 - Steel • 90° Pattern
92FRP-2 - Steel • 180° Pattern
92FRP-1AL - Aluminum • 90° Pattern
92FRP-2AL - Aluminum • 180° Pattern
92FRP-1SS - Stainless Steel • 90° Pattern
92FRP-2SS - Stainless Steel • 180° Pattern
92FRPF-1SS - Stainless Steel • 90° Pattern w/HEPA or ULPA option
92FRPF-2SS - Stainless Steel • 180° Pattern w/HEPA or ULPA option


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