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Steri-System Operating Room Systems

Model Series 92STSYS

Nailor 92STSYS is a complete operating room ventilation system, specially designed to reduce airborne contaminants.

Model 92LS-SS Linear Slot Diffusers are located around the perimeter to create a continuous low velocity curtain of air angled outwards 5 – 15°. The curtain encloses the operating area and minimizes the possibility of contaminated air entering the surgical area. Model 92LFD-SS Laminar Flow Diffusers installed above the operating table produce a low velocity non-aspirating, vertical air pattern. This low velocity 'clean' conditioned air flows over the operating table and greatly increases the ventilation rate within the surgical area. The Steri- System is available in 14 standard module sizes with a wide variety of custom variations that allow it to be tailored to suit almost any application.