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Fan Powered Terminal Units

Model Series 38S

Model Series 38S Underfloor Fan Powered Terminal Units are specially engineered to meet the requirements of the most demanding underfloor applications where premium quality design and performance c

haracteristics are desired. Features include an inclined opposed blade damper and our multi-point averaging 'Diamond Flow' sensor to provide precise airflow control and excellent sound performance. Compact, low profile unit casings, designed to accommodate the floor pedestal layout, feature convenient access to all components. Designed to optimize energy efficiency the standard units feature ultra-high efficiency EPIC™/ECM motor technology. Additional options include electric or hot water supplementary heat, and various 'IAQ' linings including a solid metal liner.


D38S - DDC Controls
D38SW - DDC Controls • with Hot Water Reheat
D38SE - DDC Controls • with Electric Reheat



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