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41V Series Vertical Floor Unit

41V Series Vertical Floor Unit

The slender design makes this unit ideal for perimeter heating and cooling applications in hotels, offices, hospitals, and other public buildings. The coil section of the 41V is lined with fiberglass insulation to provide positive protection against sweating and maximum dampening of noise. Standard 41V units are provided with a galvanized finish. The 41V Series is available in concealed and exposed chassis.

Features include:

  • PSC and 3-speed ECM.
  • Two or four pipe hydronic connections.
  • Electric heat.
  • MERV 8.
  • Multiple mounting options.
  • Airflow ranges from 200 – 1200 cfm* [*motor and type dependent].
  • Factory supplied piping packages.

41V by Nailor Industries, Inc. on Sketchfab