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Most energy efficient Fan Coil on the market!!!…

…more importantly, our fan coils that incorporate HRV/ERV modules are capable of doing a few things that most of our competitors can’t:

  • We can easily exhaust more than one bathroom using only one HRV/ERV module
  • Our HRV/ERV modules can be run using LINE voltage with our simple ST 20MR 20 minute timer switch…no interconnecting with control wiring is necessary!
  • With our EPIC® microprocessor and fan calibration technology, we can do things with ECM motors that truly sets us apart from our competition – highest ESP’s available!!!
  • We have turn down ratios of up to 80% and can run the fan coil ECM Eon™ motor at low speed while drawing as few as 30 watts!!!
  • We offer FULLY MODULATING chilled and hot water valve technology
  • We include our “Polar Shield” freeze protection system on our units as a standard feature – NOT as an optional extra
  • Finally, we are proud members of the AHRI certification program and can provide AHRI CERTIFIED performance and sound testing data…ask our competitors if they can!

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