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Airfoil Blade

Nailor 1220(-3) Series Airfoil Blade Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers are available with fire resistance ratings of 1 ½ or 3 hours and leakage ratings of Class I or II. Qualified to 4000 fpm (20 m/s) and 8 in. w.g. (2 kPa) and may be installed in vertical walls or partitions, or horizontally in floors.

1220 Fire Smoke Damper

Nailor 1220(-3) Series Fire/Smoke Dampers are designed to provide premium performance and are AMCA licensed. They offers the lowest leakage class available and are qualified for installation with airflow in either direction and inverted mounting. Unique, inter-locking double skin blade design provides flame and smoke seal under fire conditions.

Nailor 1220SS(-3) Stainless Steel Fire/Smoke Dampers are ideal for high humidity, mildly corrosive or, with optional Type 316 construction, more severe environment applications where building codes require both a fire damper for the protection of ductwork penetrations and also require a leakage rated damper for operational smoke control.

Nailor 1221OW and 1221DOW Series Out of Wall Fire/Smoke Dampers are specially designed for applications where the damper cannot be installed within the plane of the wall or floor.

Models 1221-OWM and 1221-DOWM are modulating combination fire/smoke dampers that are specifically designed for applications where the damper cannot be installed within the plane of the wall or floor. This "3-in-1" damper provides volume control via an electric or pneumatic modulating actuator as well as fire and smoke control.

Nailor 1221G Series Fire/Smoke Dampers are specifically designed for supply or return ducts that teminate at a grille. The special factory sleeve with unique 3/4" (19) grille mounting flanges simplifies installation, saves on field labor, and eliminates the requirements for unsightly front retaining angles which commonly protrude from behind the grille.

Nailor 1221C Series Corridor Fire/Smoke Dampers are 1 hr. rated corridor damper for use in corridor ceiling applications. Qualified to 2000 fpm (10 m/s) and 4 in.wg. (1 kPa).

Model Series 1220M and 1220M-3 "3-in-1" Modulating Fire/Smoke Dampers have been engineered to provide premium containment in fire and smoke conditions. The addition of volume control using a modulating actuator eliminates the need and cost of a separate control damper.

Nailor 1221VB Series Fire/Smoke Dampers provide superior protection and versatility. The vertical blade configuration allows for the actuator to be mounted below the damper and is ideal for applications where bottom access is desired or where there isn’t space for a side mounted actuator.