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Terminal Units

Nailor 3000 and 3100 Series Terminal Units are among the most versatile VAV boxes on the market, providing easy HVAC system integration with diverse control packages. Designed for cooling only, cooling with reheat, heating only or heat/cool changeover applications. Quiet Type with dissipative silencers and Hospital Grade boxes are also available.

Nailor 3200 Series Dual Duct Terminal Units are designed to maintain optimal temperature control in the conditioned zone by varying the air volume supplied by the hot and cold supply ducts while providing proper discharge air temperature.

Nailor Fan Powered Terminal Units provide many standard features and superior sound performance when compared with other basic model designs, offering a compact and economical design well suited to the majority of applications and HVAC industry demands.

Nailor 33SZ Series Fan Powered Chilled Water Terminal Units include a cooling induction coil to use in conjunction with a DOAS (dedicated outdoor air system) and is useful in a variety of commercial applications, such as office spaces, classrooms, critical environments and laboratories.

Nailor 3600 Series Retrofit Terminal Units are designed for all applications and are engineered to transform inefficient constant volume systems to present day variable air volume systems with low installation costs. 

Nailor 3400 Series Bypass Terminal Units are designed to provide variable air volume supply when used with constant volume fan low pressure packaged air handling systems or roof-top air conditioning units. Excess air is diverted through a bypass opening and into the system return.