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Nailor 3000 and 3100 Series Single Duct VAV Terminal Units feature a compact and versatile design that results in a system component which has minimal pressure drop that reduces fan horsepower requirements, and low noise generation for quiet operation. A small footprint makes these units easier to use and install in today‘s crowded mechanical spaces and ceiling plenums.


Quiet Type with Dissipative Silencer
D3001Q - Basic Unit • DDC Controls
D30RWQ - with Hot Water Reheat • DDC Controls
D30REQ - with Electric Heat • DDC Controls
AT303 - 3 Foot Long
AT305 - 5 Foot Long
MOA303 - Multi-Outlet • 3 Foot Long
MOA305 - Multi-Outlet • 5 Foot Long
Standard Model
D3001 - Basic Unit • DDC Controls
P3001 - Basic Unit • Pneumatic Controls
D30RW - with Hot Water Reheat • DDC Controls
P30RW - with Hot Water Reheat • Pneumatic Controls
D30RE - with Electric Reheat • DDC Controls
P30RE - with Electric Heat • Pneumatic Controls
Super Quiet Hospital Grade with Dissipative Silencer
D30HQ - Basic Unit • DDC Controls
D30HQW - with Hot Water Reheat • DDC Controls
D30HQE - with Electric Heat • DDC Controls
with Round Damper
D3101 - Basic Unit • DDC Controls
D31RW - with Hot Water Reheat • DDC Controls


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