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Critical Environment

Nailor 92RPD, 92FRP, and 92CBPRP Radial Pattern Diffusers are designed to provide low aspiration at high ventilation rates, especially for critical spaces with stringent ventilation requirements.

The Nailor 6200F is a high capacity louvered face directional diffuser with a replaceable HEPA filter for cleanroom applications. The diffuser produces a four-way horizontal air pattern.

Nailor 92LFD Series Laminar Flow Diffusers are engineered to provide a uniform vertical projection of supply air at controlled low velocity ideal for cleanroom or operating room applications. Economical steel construction standard, and high performance aluminum or stainless steel construction optional.

Nailor 92LS-SS Steri-System Linear Slot Diffusers are designed to provide an air curtain for operating rooms. The unique slot design creates a continuous curtain of air that encloses the operating area and minimizes the possibility of contaminated air entering the surgical area. 

Nailor 92STSYS Series Steri-System is a complete operating room ventilation system, specially designed to reduce airborne contaminants, and thus, the risk of patient infection during surgery.

Nailor HEPA and ULPA filters are designed specifically to fit Nailor 92LFDF-AL, 92LFDMF-AL, 92LFDF-SS, 92RPDF-1SS, and 92RPDF-2SS Series Hospital/Cleanroom Diffusers.

Nailor 92FF Series Stainless Steel and all Aluminum Fan Filter Units use ECM technology with HEPA/ULPA filtration to filter out airborne contaminants. Ceiling diffusers are available in supply air and ducted exhaust versions. An economical aluminum face and frame version is also offered. Mobile units are available in a ducted exhaust version and recirculation style that can be plugged into a standard electrical wall outlet. UV light options are available on the mobile units.

Nailor air cleaners will increase the cleanliness of the air and reduce the risk of biological aerosols within commercial spaces. Using a combination of HEPA filtration and UV-C light provides the most capable biological aerosol destruction and capture solution available.