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Displacement Diffusers

Nailor offers a complete line of Displacement Diffusers with a pleasing aesthetic design to suit any application. Rigorous lab testing combined with the latest in computational theory, high quality manufacturing and the Nailor commitment to providing quality Air Distribution solutions result in one of the industry’s finest selection of Displacement Diffusers available on the market today.

Nailor DFF Series Flat Face Floor Standing Displacement Diffusers incorporate a steel rectangular perforated face, with an integral plenum and equalization baffle. They are typically mounted against a wall, pillar or in a corner of a room in applications where there are space constraints.

Nailor DFR Round Floor Standing Displacement Diffusers are semi-circular and circular units crafted to enhance the architectural design of any space while providing low turbulence horizontal supply air in a 90°, 180° or 360° pattern.

Nailor DW Series Wall Mount Displacement Diffusers maximize floor space by seamlessly integrating into the wall, supplying conditioned air to the space perpendicular to the diffuser face. The design features a flat perforated face that creates a low velocity air pattern.

Nailor DLFG Series Displacement Linear Bar Grilles provide a low velocity air pattern into a space with minimal turbulence or induction of room air and are designed for linear perimeter applications.

Nailor DCF Series Displacement Diffusers are suitable for Lay-in T-Bar suspended ceiling applications. Constructed of heavy gauge corrosion-resistant steel, the design features an extruded aluminum flat perforated face with mechanically locked mitered corners for added strength.

Various options and accessories are available to compliment the diffusers. Duct covers, bases and finishes will help enhance the architectural look of the diffusers.