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Underfloor Products

Nailor offers a wide range of Underfloor products including, swirl diffuers, linear diffusers, fan powered boxes, fan booser, and underfloor fan coil units. All of our UFAD products are engineered and tested to rigerous standards to provide high performance results.

Nailor offers several underfloor solutions ideal for perimeter heating and cooling applications where linear diffusers are employed for a smooth, aesthetically appealing appearance.

Nailor NFD and ANFD diffusers are designed to produce a low velocity helical “swirl” discharge air pattern that achieves high induction rates of room air, which optimizes mixing for maximum comfort conditions. Available in cast aluminum or polycarbonate plastic with a variety of accessories available.

The Nailor UPT is for use in raised access floor air distribution (UFAD) systems and provides a means for measuring the relative pressure between the pressurized underfloor plenum and the room.

Nailor 38S Series Underfloor Fan Powered Terminal Units are specially engineered to meet the requirements of the most demanding underfloor applications where premium quality design and performance characteristics are desired and feature ultra-high efficiency EPIC™/ECM motor technology.

These compact low profile units feature excellent sound performance independently tested and certified. Heavy gauge unit casings, designed to accommodate the floor pedestal layout, feature convenient access to all components.