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  • Product Spotlight

    92FFUs Fan Filter Units

    The perfect solution for clean room applications.

    • All models available with high-efficiency ECM in forward or backward-curve fans
    • Complete aluminum construction
    • Standard HEPA filter with 99.99% efficiency
    • Available ULPA with 99.9995% efficiency
    • Room side removable filter design for fast and easy access
    • Modbus native with optional BACnet capability for BMS/BAS communications

  • Product Spotlight

    Square Plaque Dual Inlet Diffuser • Model UNI2-DI

    Innovative Airflow Mixing 
    • UNI2 Plaque Diffusers exemplary performance and looks.
    • Effectively mix conditioned and ventilated air.
    • Enhance comfort by preventing air stratification.
    • Simplify your system by using less units.

  • Product Spotlight

    Fan Powered Chilled Water Terminal Units

    33SZ Series

    • Energy Efficient EPIC EC Motor (ECM)
    • 2, 4, or 6 Row Chilled Water Coil for Maximum Capacity
    • Standard & Low-Profile Sizes Available with IAQ Liner Options
    • Versatile, Familiar, Simple

  • Product Spotlight

    Thermal Dispersion Airflow Measuring Dampers

    Measure.  Monitor.  Control.
    A turn-key solution that provides accurate airflow measurement and precise air control. 

    From the leaders in   
    Airflow Measurement and Control Dampers
  • Product Spotlight

    Linear Vane Diffusers

    Linear Vane Diffusers are effective architectural designs suited for supply and return air application that features extruded aluminum construction.

    •  One-way and two-way deflection core

    •  Fixed vanes that provide a tight Coanda air pattern for optimal VAV performance

    •  Clean and continuous appearance

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