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Nailor offers a comprehensive line of damper products for airflow control in commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Our Wind Tunnel & Damper Testing Laboratory has established the company as an industry leader for testing our products to the latest version of AMCA, UL, ANSI, and other industry standards of performance.

Nailor’s heavy duty industrial control dampers are designed for use in high pressure industrial HVAC or process air systems.

Nailor manufactures a variety of curtain type fire dampers to suit a wide array of applications that may require protection of openings with fire resistance ratings of either 1 ½ or 3 hours. Dampers are UL 555 rated for static and dynamic systems, with extended airflow velocity and pressure ratings available.

Nailor (D)1200 and D1250 Series UL 555 rated Multi-Blade Fire Dampers are available with a multitude of options to suit most commercial applications. Galvanized steel construction standard, Type 304 stainless steel, and severe environment Type 316 stainless steel construction optional. Fire resistance ratings of either 1 ½ or 3 hours.

Nailor 1210, 1260, 1280, and 1290S Series Smoke Dampers have been tested and labeled in accordance with UL 555S and are designed for point-of-origin control of smoke in static and dynamic smoke management systems. May be installed in, or adjacent to vertical walls or partitions, or horizontally in, or adjacent to floors or assemblies.

Nailor’s commitment to the development of new and existing fire and smoke control technology has resulted in a comprehensive line of premium quality smoke, fire and combination fire/smoke dampers. All Nailor Fire/Smoke Dampers are tested and labeled in accordance with UL 555 and UL 555S. 1 ½ hour or 3 hour rated models available.

Nailor Ceiling Radiation Dampers have been tested to UL 555C for use with air outlets in lay-in ceiling applications and UL 263 for Wood Truss ceiling assembly applications.

Nailor supplies, installs, and factory commissions actuators on our louvers, control dampers and life safety products. Nailor has a large offering of replacement actuators from a number of world renowned manufacturers available in stock to ensure the proper replacement actuator for your specific needs. 

Nailor offers a comprehensive line of access doors ideal for life safety damper inspection and testing, coil cleaning, controls adjusting, and many other applications.