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0100G, 01X4G and 0200G Series Integral Sleeve Static Curtain Fire Dampers are designed for use in conjunction with a steel grille when ductwork terminates at an opening in a fire rated separation. This unique product utilizes special grille mounting tabs on the sleeve that eliminate the requirement for unsightly retaining angles which commonly protrude from behind the grille. The steel grille installs over and completely conceals the mounting tabs for a clean, aesthetic finish. 1 1/2 hour rated for use in 2 hour fire separations or less, classified for use in static "fans off" systems where the HVAC system shuts down in the event of a fire alarm. 


0110G - Type A
0120G - Type B
0130G - Type C
0114G - Type A • 12" Integral Sleeve
0124G - Type B • 12" Integral Sleeve
0134G - Type C • 12" Integral Sleeve
0210G - Thinline • Type A
0220G - Thinline • Type B
0230G - Thinline • Type C


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Curtain Fire Dampers