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Models 1221C-1, 1221C-2 and 1221C-4 Airfoil Blade Tunnel Corridor Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers are for use where ductwork penetrates the ceiling of an interior corridor of a building, creating a horizontal opening that requires protection. Model 1221C-1 and 1221C-4 are suitable for use with a steel grille or diffuser when the duct terminates at the ceiling. 1221C-4 includes grille side access to the actuator. Model 1221C-2 is suitable for use when the duct is required to continue down past the ceiling level. Each unit is supplied factory mounted in a suitable sleeve complete with upper retaining angles. Model 1221C-3 is both a 1 hr. rated Corridor Damper for use in corridor ceilings and a standard 1 1/2 hr. rated Combination Fire/Smoke Damper for use in walls and floors. The dual rating makes it ideal for stocking as the unit can be supplied when either type of damper is required by the local customer.


1221C-1 - 1 Hour • Corridor • Airfoil Blade • Steel Grille/Diffuser
1221C-2 - 1 Hour • Corridor • Airfoil Blade • Ducted
1221C-3 - 1 Hour & 1½ Hour • Corridor • Airfoil Blade
1221C-4 - 1 Hour • Corridor • Airfoil Blade • Steel Grille/Diffuser • Grille Side Actuator Access


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Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers