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D0100G Series Dynamic Curtain Fire Dampers are designed for use in conjunction with a steel grille when ductwork terminates at an opening in a fire rated wall/partition. This unique product utilizes special grille mounting tabs on the sleeve that eliminates the requirement for unsightly retaining angles which commonly protrude from behind the grille. A steel grille installs over and completely conceals the mounting tabs for a clean, aesthetic finish. The fire damper is offset in the sleeve to accommodate a single or double deflection supply air grille, single deflection supply air register or a return air grille or register. Countersunk screw holes in the grille frame will match to mounting tabs when a Nailor grille is ordered in conjunction with the damper assembly.


D0110G - Type A
D0120G - Type B
D0130G - Type C
D0114G - Type A • 12" Integral Sleeve
D0124G - Type B • 12" Integral Sleeve
D0134G - Type C • 12" Integral Sleeve


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Curtain Fire Dampers