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Nailor 1260 Series Smoke Dampers are a ruggedly built economical choice for use where a smoke barrier has been penetrated by ductwork or where a leakage rated smoke damper is required in a static or dynamic smoke control system. The 1260 Series dampers are classified to UL Standard 555S Class I or II at 250°F (121°C) or 350°F (177°C) Elevated Temperatures, and are available with type B and C enclosures for small sizes and round ductwork. Design features include an economical steel vee groove style blade design that provides unmatched strength and durability, low pressure drop frame design and maintenance free concealed blade linkage for superb air performance, minimal turbulence and noise.


1260 - Airfoil Blade • Steel • Vee Blade • No Sleeve
1261 - Airfoil Blade • Steel • Vee Blade • Type A
1262 - Airfoil Blade • Steel • Vee Blade • Type B
1263 - Airfoil Blade • Steel • Vee Blade • Type C


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