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Models 0725 and 0726 Thermal Blankets are designed to insulate the exposed back pan area of a steel ceiling diffuser that may be used in UL Classified floor/ceiling or roof/ceiling assemblies with up to a 3 hour rating. The insulation protects the floor/roof structure above from the intense heat that radiates through the diffuser pan during fire conditions. A thermal blanket is used in conjunction with a ceiling radiation damper that protects the neck opening of the diffuser, to provide complete protection of the opening in the ceiling membrane. Model 0725 thermal blanket is for use with 0722 ceiling damper models in round neck applications. Model 0726 thermal blanket is for use with 0714, 0716 and 0720 ceiling damper models in square neck applications.


0725 - Thermal Blanket for Round Neck Diffusers
0726 - Thermal Blanket for Square Neck Diffusers


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