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Nailor D1200 and D1200-3 Series Airfoil Multi-blade Fire Dampers provide the ultimate in fire containment for both static and dynamic HVAC systems. The design utilizes an innovative inter-locking double skin airfoil blade that maintains a complete barrier throughout the fire test with absolutely no visible through-gaps. Amazingly, the damper gets tighter as it gets hotter! Ideal for use where building codes require a fire damper for the protection of ductwork penetrations in walls or floors with a low pressure drop design suitable for high velocity applications. Premium performance, versatility and assured closure under airflow make the D1200 and D1200-3 series dampers an excellent choice for the majority of today’s commercial applications.


D1200 - 1 ½ Hour • Dynamic • No Sleeve
D1201 - 1 ½ Hour • Dynamic • Type A
D1202 - 1 ½ Hour • Dynamic • Type B
D1203 - 1 ½ Hour • Dynamic • Type C
D1200-3 - 3 Hour • Dynamic • No Sleeve
D1201-3 - 3 Hour • Dynamic • Type A
D1202-3 - 3 Hour • Dynamic • Type B
D1203-3 - 3 Hour • Dynamic • Type C


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