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Model Series 1270 combination fire/smoke dampers, with sturdy veegroove style blades and a rugged mitered corner hat channel frame design that virtually eliminates racking, provides 1 1/2 hour UL labeled fire protection suitable for use where ductwork penetrates a wall or floor with a fire resistance rating of 2 hours or less. The 1270 Series is UL tested and labeled for use as a Class I or II Leakage Rated Damper for smoke control applications in both static or dynamic HVAC system designs. Available with factory fitted sleeve (Model 1271), and a variety of actuators and options to suit each application, the 1270 series is a versatile and economical performer suitable for most commercial applications.


1270 - 1 ½ Hour • Vee Blade • Steel • No Sleeve
1271 - 1 ½ Hour • Vee Blade • Steel • Type A
1272 - 1 ½ Hour • Vee Blade • Steel • Type B
1273 - 1 ½ Hour • Vee Blade • Steel • Type C


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Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers