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Swirl Diffusers


Nailor’s Floor "Swirl" Diffusers are designed for use in raised access floor air distribution systems, where the floor cavity is used as a pressurized supply air plenum.

The core design produces a low velocity helical "swirl" discharge air pattern. The design achieves high induction rates of room air which optimizes mixing for maximum comfort conditions. An architecturally appealing face design compliments any contemporary decor and is available as standard in a gray or black finish as well as a wide variety of custom colors. Allowing extreme flexibility in space planning, the diffuser, once installed in the access floor panel, can be quickly relocated to accommodate changing conditions and floor layouts.


ANFA - Aluminum • Electrical and Communication Cable Outlet
NFA - Polycarbonate Plastic • Electrical and Communication Cable Outlet
"Swirl” Diffuser • Manually Controlled
ANFD - Cast Aluminum • High Performance
NFD - Polycarbonate Plastic • High Performance
Accessories and Options
PFG - Press Fit Gasket for Floor "Swirl" Diffusers
BDEX - Dirt Basket /Damper Extension
NFB-D - Floor Boot with Actuator • Ducted Connection
NFB-VCHD - VAV Round Floor Boot with Actuator
Control Accessories
NHSO-5013-12 - Standard 12 Ft. Cable
NHSO-5013-20 - Standard 20 Ft. Cable
NHSO-5013-50 - Standard 50 Ft. Cable
NPS-120 - 120 Volt
NPS-240 - 240 Volt
NPS-277 - 277 Volt
NPS-480 - 480 Volt
NHSO-5011 - 1 Ft. Transformer Cable
NHSO-5012 - 50 Ft. Thermostat Cable
NCTE-5015 - Analog Thermostat
VAV “Swirl” Diffuser – With Actuator
ANFD-VAV - Cast Aluminum • High Performance
NFD-VAV - Polycarbonate Plastic




Performance Data