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Nailor Airwaves is your source for content on relevant topics concerning Nailor Industries, Inc. and the HVAC industry. New product releases, case studies, product & project spotlights, employee interviews, trade publication articles, and general announcements are some of the content types you can expect to find in the Nailor Airwaves.

New Woodgrain Finish Brochure

March 16, 2017

At Nailor, we thrive on customer satisfaction, offering our clients new products and solutions in order to provide a competitive advantage in the industry. We are now pleased to be able to offer architectural “Woodgrain finishes” on several steel and aluminum products as an alternative to conventional paint color finishes, allowing us the opportunity to integrate high-end, visually-appealing products into today’s built environment. Woodgrain offers a cosmetically-appealing, environmentally-friendly solution for many Nailor Air Distribution products such as...

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New “Stealth™” Induced Air Dissipative Silencer for 33SZ Series Fan Powered Chilled Water Terminal Units

March 10, 2017

Unique to Nailor, the “Stealth” Induced Air Dissipative Silencer option provides maximum acoustic attenuation by reducing radiated sound power levels. The medium insertion loss design does not however affect fan performance.  When units are installed above the occupied space, the addition of the silencer reduces the radiated sound level in the occupied space by a significant 5 NC. It is available as standard with Fiberglass Media. A Mylar/Spacer Liner option is also available for IAQ sensitive applications. The optional induced air inlet...

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Manufacturing Marvels - Nailor and Thermal Corp.

November 23, 2016
Nailor and Thermal were featured on Manufacturing Marvels

Manufacturing Marvels - which aired on Fox Business Network - was recently here filming Nailor Industries and Thermal Corporation, which were featured on their November 10th episode.



Architectural Square Ceiling Diffusers

July 26, 2016

Nailor Model Series ‘UNI’ Square Plaque Ceiling Diffusers have been designed to complement any decor, blending beautifully with virtually any architectural style or requirement. The diffusers deliver a tight 360° radial horizontal diffusion pattern at minimum NC levels required for high engineering performance. The ‘UNI’ diffusers provide stable diffusion and mixing patterns under constant and changing load conditions and are particularly suitable for variable air volume systems.

Constructed of heavy gauge, corrosion-resistant steel (Model UNI) or...

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41V Series Vertical Floor Unit

May 19, 2016

The slender design makes this unit ideal for perimeter heating and cooling applications in hotels, offices, hospitals, and other public buildings. The coil section of the 41V is lined with fiberglass insulation to provide positive protection against sweating and maximum dampening of noise. Standard 41V units are provided with a galvanized finish. The 41V Series is available in concealed and exposed chassis.

Features include:

· PSC and 3-speed ECM.
· Two or four pipe hydronic connections.
· Electric heat.
· MERV 8....

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