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UFAD vs. Displacement

April 25, 2022

Both Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) and Displacement Air Distribution are well defined in the 2021ASHRAE Handbook Applications, Chapter 20, Space Air Diffusion. Generally, the idea for UFAD is to have a well-mixed lower level in the occupied space up to about 4.5 feet above the floor. From the thermocline at 4.5 feet to about 3 to 5 inches from the ceiling is a stratified space. Above the Stratified space, the upper region is the warmest and most polluted air in the room. It is being induced into the return air space or ducts at the ceiling and...

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How Ceilings Affect Room Sound Levels

April 25, 2022

Area Source

When a room has a full ceiling stretching from wall to wall, the ceiling isolates the room from the area above the ceiling. Frequently that space above the ceiling is used for the return air path to the air handler. It is also used to mount mechanical equipment, plumbing, electric supplies and lighting. The open space is a separate space from the occupied area below. As such, sound that is generated in the return plenum spreads throughout the plenum and produces an area sound source that emanates across the entire ceiling somewhat...

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Fan Powered Terminal Units – Model Series 35SXC Stealth XC

April 8, 2022

Acoustical Privacy in Exposed Ceiling Applications

Architectural designs with open offices and acoustical tile suspended ceilings often have relatively low sound level requirements to achieve “acoustical privacy” for the occupants. The acoustical design goals include controlling occupied space noise levels so that it is neither so loud as to interfere with speech or too quiet so that all intermittent sounds become a distraction. Acoustical specifications have included several measures including Octave Band Sound levels, NC (Noise Criteria, based...

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How Ceiling Diffusers are Selected

January 20, 2022

The ultimate goal of an air distribution system is to uniformly deliver conditioned air into a room. A good diffuser setup mixes the air in the room while maintaining comfort for as many people as possible. An ineffective setup can cause drafty air, dead zones without proper mixing, or excessive noise. While most engineers understand the basics of how to select and place diffusers, we often see mistakes that could be avoided with a better understanding of air diffuser design.

Selection Criteria

To select diffusers for a...

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Fan Coil Units: High Capacity Horizontal

January 18, 2022

While the in-room horizontal fan coils units may be the highest volume product used in the industry due to the numbers used in hospitality, the high-capacity horizontal fan coil units are the most versatile. The span of sizes, options, and variants make these units suited for residential, office, & industrial applications. High-capacity refers to the larger sizes up to 4,000 CFM and the ability of the fans to handle 3/4" w.g. of static pressure. Both allow for more complex...

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