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Fan Coil Units: In-Room Horizontal

December 9, 2021

Our previous article highlights the variables to consider when choosing a Horizontal Fan Coil design for a project. The highest volume unit type in the industry is the in-room horizontal fan coil unit. The units are ideal for hotel rooms, condominiums, and small offices. They are typically installed above a ceiling and supply directly to the room they serve. The air returns through a grille in the ceiling, either directly into the unit or through the...

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Square Ceiling Diffusers: What are the Differences?

November 22, 2021

When selecting square ceiling diffusers, many of the options available can seem quite similar outside of appearances. With so many different standard 24 x 24 ceiling diffusers on the market and in Nailor catalogs, engineers could be hard-pressed to find what differentiates each product. The differences, however, can vary from obvious ones like performance and noise to lesser-known variables like throw patterns and specialized applications, all of which can affect the overall comfort in the space.

Nailor RNS


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5 Variables to Consider when Choosing a Horizontal Fan Coil

November 10, 2021

Chilled water fan coils are small air handling units that range from 200-4,000 CFM. Several commercially available product types serve multiple applications. In some instances, choosing which product is best for your application is difficult. There are two main configurations: vertical & horizontal. Horizontal units are typically located above a ceiling while vertical units are installed in a closet or exposed in the room. The selection between vertical and horizontal are made during the building design phase, and there will be little debate over where...

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Ventilation Strategies: Chilled Water Fan Powered Terminal Units

September 27, 2021

The most advanced system for delivering, controlling, and optimizing ventilation air utilizes Chilled Water Fan Powered Terminal Units. With this system, the DOAS unit handles the conditioning of the ventilation air and the latent load within the building. The system eliminates the need for the recirculating air system to handle latent loads and distributes the sensible cooling into the space.

Achieving this system requires series fan-powered terminal units that are equipped with a sensible cooling coil, eliminating the need for the building air...

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Ventilation Strategies: Chilled Beams vs. Chilled Water Fan Powered Terminal Units

September 1, 2021

A large portion of the energy exerted by an HVAC system comes from conditioning the outside air required by the mechanical code, which typically reference the ASHRAE 62.1 standard. Increasingly, this is performed separately from the building HVAC system by a Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS). When designing a DOAS system, one decision is how to distribute the air to the space. In my previous Ventilation Strategies article, I highlight a few methods for...

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