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Nailor Airwaves is your source for content on relevant topics concerning Nailor Industries, Inc. and the HVAC industry. New product releases, case studies, product & project spotlights, employee interviews, trade publication articles, and general announcements are some of the content types you can expect to find in the Nailor Airwaves.

Rest Easy with Nailor Stealth Terminal Units

December 9, 2020

Imitated but Never Duplicated

Building engineers, owners, and occupants can rest easy knowing their Nailor Fan Powered Terminal Units provide the best combination of sound, control, and comfort.
For over 20 years Nailor has led the industry with the most innovative solutions for VAV systems. The Stealth Design has now been validated as the benchmark and industry is rushing to imitate the design. #flattered


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Nailor Position on COVID-19 & Air Cleaning

November 24, 2020

Date: December 31, 2020 (revised)

There have been multiple papers written by many authorities on Covid-19 and the necessity to clean the air in buildings. Our opinion is that four of the best sources are The Center for Disease Control (CDC), The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) World Health Organization (WHO) and Taylor Engineering’s White Paper. The opinions in this paper are our best assumptions as garnered from those and other sources about the virus. It covers where the virus comes from, where...

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Air Measuring Damper Article

November 16, 2020

Knowing how much air is passing through a duct or entering a building is imperative in many commercial HVAC applications today but being able to control the airflow can be even more important. Throughout the HVAC industry, there already exists many innovative ways of measuring air, such as differential pressure using pitot tubes, anemometers, vortices, electromagnetic flow meters, and calculation based on damper position, yet the industry often turns to accurate and dependable Thermal Dispersion Technology. Offered as an all-in-one unit, the Thermal...

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Water Source Heat Pump Building Systems: Cooling Tower

November 9, 2020

In our previous articles we highlighted the benefits, design, energy efficiency, and configurations of water source heat pump technology.  Though heat pumps include a refrigeration cycle and air conditioner in one small package, they are only able to do this in cooperation with a few building systems that are critical for removing or delivering heat from/to the heat pump.  To remove heat from the units the building system includes a cooling tower, and to add heat a boiler.  The tower and boiler are connected to the heat pumps by a common water loop.  Just...

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Water Source Heat Pumps: Configurations

October 26, 2020

Water source heat pump (WSHP) systems have proven in many studies to be a more efficient, less complex, and higher ROI air conditioning selection for a variety of project types.  These systems utilize a building loop of water to reject/draw heat into the individual dwelling unit.  The benefits include no external equipment at each building unit, only one set of (possibly) un-insulated piping for the building loop, and distributed conditioning (one heat pump isn’t affected by the downtime of another).  To meet the needs of different space designs the WSHPs...

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