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Architectural Diffusers

Nailor UNI, 5000CTD, and 6600 Series Architectural Diffusers are designed to blend in with most ceiling types to create the ultimate aesthetic finish while delivering high performance results.


The UNI Series Square Ceiling Diffusers have been designed to provide both architectural appeal and a 360° diffusion pattern at minimum NC levels required for high performance results.

UNI-PD and UNI-AD Series Downblast Square Ceiling Diffusers have been specially designed to provide both an unobtrusive appearance and the high airflow at minimum NC levels needed in theater, auditorium and other high ceiling applications.

Nailor 5000CTD Series Ceiling Tile Slot Diffusers have been designed with the architect in mind to provide an unobtrusive high performance ceiling diffuser that incorporates a center ceiling tile (by others) that matches the surrounding ceiling system.

Nailor 6600 and 66UNI Series Ceiling Diffusers have been designed to satisfy both architectural and engineering criteria. The clean uncluttered face panel design compliments any decor, blending beautifully with virtually any architectural style or requirement.