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Ceiling Diffusers

Nailor manufactures a wide variety of Ceiling Diffusers that deliver outstanding performance without sacrificing aesthetics. Nailor ceiling diffusers are some of the most quiet and versatile available on the market today, combining outstanding performance with on-the-job flexibility.

Nailor 6200, 6400, and 6500 Series Pattern Diffusers handle a large volume air for a given pressure drop and noise level. Their pleasing appearance blends well with various architectural designs.

Nailor RNS, RNSA, and TWR Series Square Diffusers provide extremely efficient performance. These diffusers deliver supply air in a true 360° air pattern, making them a popular choice for most general applications.

Nailor UNI, 5000CTD, and 6600 Series Architectural Diffusers are designed to blend in with most ceiling types to create the ultimate aesthetic finish while delivering high performance results.

Nailor RNR, RUNI, RDB, and 6300 Series Round Diffusers have been designed for architectural ceilings and facilities with exposed ductwork. Available in steel or aluminum construction with adjustable or fixed patterns.

Nailor 4300 Series Perforated Diffusers feature a high free area perforated face, available in both corrosion-resistant steel and aluminum construction, supply and return models. Backpans are available in corrosion-resistant steel with an option for aluminum construction. 

Nailor 4260 Series Eggcrate Return Diffusers are an architecturally pleasing unit with low sound levels, providing a balance between the architectural need for full-face eggcrate and the cost requirement for efficient installation.

The 7500 and 7200 Series features four individual spring-loaded 'modular' pattern controllers mounted in the neck. They can be adjusted before or after installation, to provide a 1, 2, 3 or 4-way discharge pattern by simply rotating one or more of the pattern controllers.

Nailor 51CC and 61CC Series Curved Blade Diffusers feature individually adjustable curved blades that can direct supply air precisely to suit the desired application for a clean, functional appearance with excellent performance characteristics.

Opposed blade, butterfly, or radial sliding dampers, air balancing devices, equalizing grids, air extractors, mounting frames, and other accessories are available.