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Airfoil Blade Grilles & Registers

Nailor 7100 Series Airfoil Blade Grilles & Registers feature a sleek design, premium performance, and a true extruded aluminum airfoil blade that makes them superior and the new industry standard.

Nailor 71D and 71S Series Airfoil Blade Grilles and Registers are recommended for supply air applications in systems requiring maximum flexibility. Blades are adjustable and individually pivoted to ensure positive positioning when adjusted to desired deflection setting. Optional roll-formed steel opposed blade damper has a screw driver slot operator accessible through face of register.

Nailor 71F and 7145 Series Airfoil Blade Grilles and Registers feature fixed horizontal airfoil blades spaced on 3/4" (19) centers with 45° or 0° straight face deflection, ideal for return air applications. They have been dsigned and constructed to compliment their supply model counterparts.