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Grilles & Registers

Nailor Grilles and Registers are precisely manufactured with premium quality materials and are designed for architectural excellence. Defining the new industry standard for high quality products and competitive pricing, these grilles meet any application requirement.

Nailor 5100 and 6100 Series Louvered Face Grilles and Registers are designed to match and compliment their supply or return air counterpart. They are available in corrosion-resistant steel, extruded aluminum, or stainless steel construction.

Nailor 5100C, 6100C, 45DLC Curved Spiral Duct Grilles feature a unique true full radius design that offers an architecturally superior appearance and saves installation time and money by directly mounting to round or spiral duct without the use of transitions.

Nailor 7100 Series Airfoil Blade Grilles & Registers feature a sleek design, premium performance, and a true extruded aluminum airfoil blade that makes them superior and the new industry standard.

Nailor 51C, 51CD, 61C, and 61CD Series Curved Blade Grilles and Registers are designed to meet the demand for top quality and competitive prices. They provide an unobtrusive appearance essential for architectural excellence. Available in a 1, 2, 3, or 4-way discharge pattern in steel or aluminum construction. 

Nailor 51EC, 61EC, and 67EC Series Eggcrate Grilles and Registers feature high free area and a clean, crisp architectural look. Available in a standard grid size of 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2" with 1/2" x 1/2" x 1" or 1" x 1" x 1" grids optional. A variety of frame types and mounting options are available to suit any application.

Nailor 51PR, 61PR, and 67PR Series Perforated Grilles and Registers feature a high free area perforated face and is available in a choice of aluminum, steel or stainless steel construction. Their general appearance matches and compliments the Nailor 4300 Series Perforated Supply Diffusers.

Nailor 51F, 61F, and 67F Series Filter Grilles, available in aluminum, steel, or stainless steel construction, have been designed for quick access to 1” (25) or 2" (51) throw away type filter (by others) and for complete grille removal to aid in cleaning.

Nailor 51DG and 61DG Series Door Grilles are designed to be completely sight proof and unobtrusive in appearance. Available in either steel or aluminum construction with either single or double flange frame options. A fire-rated version is also available.

Nailor 51RC and 51RCD Series Reversible Core Grilles and Registers allow a versatile combination of four different deflections and is removable without the need of special tools. Optional deflector vanes and an opposed blade damper are available for additional air control.

Nailor 5100HD and 6100HD Heavy Duty Grilles & Registers are constructed to offer strength and durability for applications requiring strong impact resistance such as gymnasiums, arenas, or stadiums.

Nailor 45DL Series Drum Louvers are designed to handle large air capacities and provide long throws. Ideally suited to applications where ductwork cannot be brought close to the occupants such as shopping malls, industrial plants, and stadiums.

Nailor 8100 Series Industrial Grilles and Registers feature contoured extruded aluminum airfoil blades that are ideally suited for high capacity industrial applications.

Nailor 51LG, 61LG, and 67LG Lattice Grilles are available for return air, architectural and minimum security applications. Available in heavy gauge aluminum, steel, and stainless steel construction with a selection of hole patterns to choose from.