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Heavy Duty Grilles & Registers

Nailor 5100HD and 6100HD Heavy Duty Grilles & Registers are constructed to offer strength and durability for applications requiring strong impact resistance such as gymnasiums, arenas, or stadiums.

Nailor 51D-HD Series Heavy Duty Aluminum Bar Supply Grilles feature fixed front bars with radjustable rear vanes for directional control. Heavy duty frame is staked and welded for maximum strength. Front blades are supported by a deep profile cross bar for extra strength.

Nailor 5130-HD and 51F-HD Series Heavy Duty Aluminum Bar Grilles are the matching return version of thier supply counterpart, Heavy duty frame is staked and welded for maximum strength.

Nailor 61-HD Series Heavy Duty Steel Supply Grilles are offered with both single and double deflection blades and provide the strength and rigidity required in order to withstand abuse in applications such as gymnasiums, schools, parking lots, and other locations requiring strong impact resistance..

Nailor 61F-HD and 6145-HD Series Heavy Duty Steel Supply Grilles are the return counterpart to their supply series and also provide superior strength and rigidity in applications requiring strong impact resistance.

Nailor 6755-HD Series Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Grilles are used mainly for return air applications that require strength and durability in corrosive or high humidity environments. Type 304 stainless steel welded and reinforced frame featuring hairline mitered corners standard, optional Type 316 stainless steel construction available.