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Grilles & Registers Accessories

Grilles and Registers Accessories

  • RACA
  • RACA - Underside
    RACA - Underside

Nailor offers an extensive selection of accessories and options for grilles and registers.

Accessories include air balancing devices (OBD), air extractors (EX), and a variety of mounting frames, including the (PF) grille plaster frame. Grille options consist of special finishes, gaskets (GK), alternative frames (PLS, FPS, PLA, FPA) and a variety of other items.


RACA - Crosstalk Attenuator
Air Balancing Devices • Opposed Blade Dampers
OBD-L - Grille Mount • Steel • Long Blades
OBD-S - Grille Mount • Steel • Short Blades
OBD-A-L - Grille Mount • Aluminum • Long Blades
OBD-A-S - Grille Mount • Aluminum • Short Blades
OBDD-L - Duct Mount • Steel • Long Blades
OBDD-S - Duct Mount • Steel • Short Blades
OBDD-A-L - Duct Mount • Aluminum • Long Blades
OBDD-A-S - Duct Mount • Aluminum • Short Blades
OBDO - Duct Mount • Steel • Oval Collar
OBDR - Duct Mount • Steel • Round Collar
Fire Rated
907FL - Combination Fire & Volume Damper (Canada Only)
Mounting Frames
PF - Plaster Sub Frame
Transitional Collars
SR - Square to Round Adaptor
SR-O - Square to Round Adaptor for use with an OBD


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