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AHRI Recognizes Nailor for 3 Years of Success

The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has developed standards that the industry uses to test their Terminal units (ASHRAE Standard 130) and Fan Coils (ASHRAE Standard 79).  These documents outline the standard procedure for testing each piece of equipment.  Standard 130 outlines terminal unit pressure drop and sound testing, while Standard 79 covers fan coil airflow and cooling/heating capacity testing.  Nailor performance data published in our selection software and catalogs are based on these standards. 

The American Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) works with ASHRAE to develop standards for rating equipment.  Manufacturers can become members of AHRI by submitting their equipment to yearly testing.  Once a year, AHRI will sample test equipment to verify that the actual performance of the equipment meets the published values.

As a testament to the integrity and quality of our products, Nailor has just been recognized by AHRI for 3 years of 100% testing success rate for terminal units and fan coils.

April 22, 2021

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