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History of the Louver

How old is the louver? According to historians, the louver is approximately 1500 years old. Created during the Middle Ages in Europe, the first construction was thought to be on the rooftops of kitchens providing air circulation and preventing outside elements from penetrating the room. The first louvers were constructed of several types of materials such as old wood or recycled staves from barrels, scrap metal, and ceramic. During this time in more sophisticated construction, designers would fabricate louvers from clay to impersonate human faces or animals. These unique pieces of pottery would be placed on building and the steam, smoke and/or debris would ventilate from the hollow eyes, noses, and mouths. 

Today’s modern louvers are made of either aluminum or steel and consists of multiple blades which control the intake, exhaust or ventilation of air as well as keeping out water, dirt and debris. Nailor Industries, Inc. manufactures several types of quality louvers including Architectural Blade, Drainable, Dual Drainable, Sightproof, Adjustable, Combination, Acoustical, Florida Product Approved, and Brick Vents. Nailor’s louvers can be ordered to specific sizes and shapes and include a choice of 21 different paint finishes.  Visit our Louver Section.

April 8, 2016

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