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Access Doors

Nailor offers a comprehensive line of access doors ideal for life safety damper inspection and testing, coil cleaning, controls adjusting, and many other applications.

These economical quality access doors meet SMACNA requirements for systems up to 2” w.g. (500 Pa) and provide quick, simple installation wherever duct access is required.

The Nailor 0800 Series Flat Oval duct access doors are engineered to provide a premium quality, ultra-low leakage door with optimum ergonomics in mind.

The Nailor 0800-5 Model Series was designed for use in higher pressure applications where the security of a positive pressure type access door is desired.

Nailor Model 0840-6 provides easy access to larger plenums and equipment housings and is suitable for use in high, medium, or low pressure applications.

Nailor Model 0890 is an economical round duct access door suitable for use in low pressure applications.

Nailor Model 0900-1 fire-rated access door is for use whenever it is necessary to provide service access to utilities located within fire separations such as corridor walls, stairwells and ceilings. Model 0900-2 is a multi-purpose access door designed to provide convenient access to utilities contained within walls or ceilings.