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Actuators & Damper Accessories

Nailor supplies, installs, and factory commissions actuators on our louvers, control dampers and life safety products. Nailor has a large offering of replacement actuators from a number of world renowned manufacturers available in stock to ensure the proper replacement actuator for your specific needs. 

Combination/Operable Louvers, Control, Smoke, and Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers utilize electric or pneumatic actuators. In most cases, damper actuators are sized specific to a specific model and size. Contact your Nailor Representative to ensure the correct replacement actuator for your specific needs.

DCP Damper Control Panels, DSD Duct Smoke Detectors, MLS-300 Position Indicators, MLS-400 (DTO) Dual Temperature Override Sensors, QS Quick Set Retaining Angles, and other accessories are available.