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Extruded Aluminum

Designed and engineered to meet the most demanding specifications, Nailor’s 1600 Series louver products combine architecturally enhancing aesthetics with excellent performance characteristics. Nailor has the industry's largest selection of specialty shapes and and a vast selection of standard finishes and colors to chose from.

Stationary extruded aluminum louvers are used in intake, exhaust, and ventilation applications that require low to moderate protection from rain and weather infiltration. Thinline, Non-Drainable, Drainable, Wind-Drive Rain, and Sightproof models are available.

Adjustable & Combination louvers feature operable blades designed to be open or closed to protect air intake and exhaust openings for applications that require air control or shut-off. All models can be operated manually or by any commonly specified damper actuator.

Acoustical louvers feature insulated blades that provide sound absorption for escaping noise. Available in either formed aluminum or optional steel cosntruction.

Nailor offers a line of architectural products to staisfy a wide range of job requirements. Our standard louver products, specialty shaped louvers, penthouses, and equipment screens cover the majority of commercial applications. Custom requests and new product ideas are always welcomed.