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Security Grilles, Registers & Diffusers

Nailor offer a complete line of Security Grilles, Registers, and Diffusers. The product line includes grilles and registers for maximum, medium, and minimum security and a diffuser for minimum secure environment applications.

Nailor’s maximum security grilles and registers are constructed from heavy gauge welded steel and are for use in areas where maximum security is vital. These grilles can be used for both supply and return air applications.

This sidewall bar grille is constructed from 14 gauge steel and has blades that are fixed at 40° or 0° deflection.

These diffusers are a combination of a louvered pattern diffuser with a lattice face plate for minimum security protection.

These minimum security/bar grilles are all aluminum rustproof construction, which makes them ideal for use in showers and wet areas.

These louvered blade grilles and registers are paired up with a lattice face plate to meet minimum security requirements.

These lattice face grilles are offered as an economical return air grille for minimum security applications.