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Smoke Dampers

Nailor 1210, 1260, 1280, and 1290S Series Smoke Dampers have been tested and labeled in accordance with UL 555S and are designed for point-of-origin control of smoke in static and dynamic smoke management systems. May be installed in, or adjacent to vertical walls or partitions, or horizontally in, or adjacent to floors or assemblies.

Nailor 1210 and 1280 Series Airfoil Blade Smoke Dampers are ideal for applications where building codes require a leakage rated smoke damper as part of a static smoke control or dynamic smoke management system. Airfoil blades offer low pressure drop performance and are ideal for high velocity/pressure applications.

Nailor 1260 Series Smoke Dampers are an economical choice for use where a smoke barrier has been penetrated by ductwork or where a leakage rated smoke damper is required in a static or dynamic smoke control system.

Nailor 1290S and 1290S-SS Series Round Smoke Dampers are an economical true round damper ideal for all round duct applications and offers the lowest leakage class available. Qualified for installation with airflow in either direction.