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The best HVAC system for High Rise Condo developments

July 8, 2020
By: Matthew Crump, PE
When designing a multi-tenant residential or hospitality hi-rise building there are several different choices for the air conditioning system.  The system selection must consider how the decision affects all the interested parties over the life of the building, including the developer, contractors, building management, owner, and/or dwelling owner in the case of a condominium.  Ultimately, all these groups have common goals, but how they prioritize these goals may differ.  The developer...
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ASHRAE Honors Gus Faris with Distinguished Service Award

July 22, 2019

Gus Faris, Nailor Industries Inc. Vice President of Engineering and a Life Member ASHRAE, is presented with the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award by Sheila J. Hayter P.E., ASHRAE President (2018-2019).  The Distinguished Service Award salutes members of any grade who have served the Society faithfully and with distinction and who have given freely of their time and talent in chapter, regional and Society activities.

Congratulations Gus and thank you for all you do!

Hurricane Louvers

November 19, 2018

Announcing our full and updated line of Florida Product Approved and Miami-Dade Qualified Hurricane Louvers. Whatever you need for your hurricane and severe weather applications, we have the solution! This includes new models 1606DHPM, 1605WDM, 1605WDVF, 1605WDVM and 1675WDVM, as well as updated versions of our existing 1604DHPF, 1606DHPF, 1605WDF and 1606WDF.

Ranging from 4" to 6" in depth, vertical or horizontal blades, our louvers are certified to AMCA 500-L, 540 and 550 as well as tested to TAS 100-A, 201, 202 and 203 (AMCA and TAS tests vary...

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Design Enhancement for Low Profile Fan Powered Units - 37S and 37SST

July 20, 2017

A design enhancement of the Low Profile Fan Powered Terminal Unit Series 37S and 37SST, improves performance on Unit Sizes 1 - 3, allowing for larger fan airflow capacities. The Unit Size 3 airflow range is increased by 300 cfm and is now between 440 cfm and 1250 cfm.  A Unit Size 2 with ECM is now added to our selections, for when a more intermediate airflow range is required.

The new design is in effect from May 30, 2017, and we recommend that you review the performance pages and the Selectworks program for more information.

If you are...

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New AUNI2 Architectural Aluminum Plaque Ceiling Diffuser with option for MRI Room Applications

April 27, 2017

Nailor Model 'AUNI2' Square Plaque Ceiling Diffusers have been specially designed to provide both the unobtrusive appearance required for architectural excellence and engineering performance. The diffuser delivers a tight 360° radial horizontal pattern allowing high turn down ratios with no dumping. The AUNI2 diffusers provide stable diffusion and mixing patterns under constant and changing load conditions and are particularly suitable for variable air volume systems. 

Constructed of aluminum (with corrosion-resistant steel bracketry as standard),...

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